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“At Separation Success we take away all the uncertainty, confusion and overwhelm you may be experiencing now and we help you feel connected, informed and supported so you dont have to go it alone”

 Are you unhappily married and wondering what to do next?

 Wondering if you should stay or if you should go?

 Worried about your children and how they will cope?

 Not sure who to turn to or whom to trust?

 Not sure what the next step to take is and who to talk to?

 Struggling with the roller coaster of emotions?

 Feeling confused, hurt or maybe there is some relief too? 

 Is there a way to stop your divorce?

 How do you leave an abusive relationship?

 There’s been infidelity, how can you repair the relationship?

All your relationship, separation and divorce answers are here

At Separation Success we know that talking to your partner about how you are feeling or even considering a separation can be very daunting.

Even after you have made the decision to end the marriage, communication can be hard work between the two of you.

Then what happens after you are actually divorced?

We are here to help you through one of the toughest times in your life, make the right choices for your family every step of the way.



We can help you by having a conversation with you so that you figure out what you really want and then guide you with the next steps forward. Maybe you can repair and reconnect your marriage.

One of our qualified mediators and relationship experts will work with you both.



The best place to start when you have decided to end the marriage is with mediation.  Where the mediator is your ‘Switzerland’, your neutral sounding board to help you both communication and work out your own best way forward.

Our qualified Divorce Coach and Mentors can also work along side your own lawyer…


Divorce is one of life’s most challenging experiences to go through and can leave you feeling alone and unsure of what is next.  Your confidence can be at an all time low and you can feel like no one gets you.  

We get it, we’ve been through it and know that it can take some people up to five years to get back into life.

Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Lawyer

Meet the Team of Industry Professionals

Renee Catt

Director, Divorce & Trauma Coach

Helen Baker

Financial Advisor – On Your Own Two Feet

Christine Weston

Divorce Resource

How We Can Help You

All of our industry partners have lived through a divorce, so we are able to lead the change and we know what is broken and how to deal with a separation and divorce differently. 

Take these 3 steps before, during and after separation and divorce
1. Before – Book in for Relationship Mediation or a Separation Success Consultation 
2. During – Use one of our highly qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practioners 
3. After – Once everything is final, we are still here for you.  


Not everyone needs to have a lawyer at the start.  Although they are the only ones who can give legal advice. 

Your divorce comes down to 3 things: property, finances (typically grouped as ‘property’) and parenting, then documenting and formalising.

You can do it together. 

Maybe you and your former partner are amicable and want to work things out as simply as possible.



The least adversarial place to start when you have decided to end the marriage is with mediation.  Where the mediator is your ‘Switzerland’, your neutral sounding board to help you both communication and work out your own best way forward.

Mediate to Separate

Our qualified Mediators will support you and your family with a flexible plan for the next 18 months.  



Seeing your lawyer for the first time can be one of the most daunting experiences.  Who do you trust, how much will they charge and do you really need one?  Yes, for legal advice you absolutely do.  I have spent the last 5 years getting to know the ‘good ones’. 

 Only lawyers can give legal advice.

Ask us how to get your documentation sorted and stay out of court.



As your Divorce Coach I am there to fill the gap between you and your lawyer or legal professional.  

I am the one to help with the emotions,  take you from confused to certain and guide you through every step of the process. 

 You can work with me one on one, groups or sign up for the unique online course right now.  



Lawyers are best at giving legal advice.  I know that a lawyer does not have time to give emotional advice and support. 

Renee is a qualified mediator also and compliement and supports the work of a lawyer. 

Our qualified Divorce Coach can work along side you, help your client in court and prepare for your meetings and ready to make decisions.



Productivity and staff retention are the biggest costs to companies.  

When one of your team members suffers a relationship breakdown, they are still required to function and be present at work.  

We can work one on one with your high level staff to keep them engaged and focused when and how you need them.  Ask for more details now.

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