How Relationship Mediation Will Help You.

We are all passionate about you all having a fast and amicable resolution that avoids conflict and unnecessary heart ache.  Our methods will help you save time, money and wasted energy.  We are also passionate about keeping you amicable and staying out of court.



We can help you by having a conversation with you so that you figure out what you really want.  Then guide you with the next steps forward.

Maybe you can reconnect and reboot your marriage with some relationship mediation and strategy planning.  Where we can meet in person or online and one of our qualified mediators and relationship experts will work with you both.  

Even if you do decide to separate, we can help you work out how to tell the other person in the right way. Yes, there is a more caring and kind way to approach your current partner when ending the relationship and marriage.   We have seen relationships end badly and extra unnecessary angst caused during this delicate time.  

Then we can work with you both or solo, so that you are set up for success when seeing your mediator, FDR or lawyer so that all the necessary documentation is filled out and ready to go, saving your valuable time and money.



The best place to start when you have decided to end the marriage is with mediation.  Where the mediator is your ‘Switzerland’, your neutral sounding board to help you both communication and work out your own best way forward.  

This is where Family Dispute Resolution Practioners work with you both for the best interests of the children.  This is where you come together and work out your parenting plan and other areas of life associated with your new look family.

We also have the ability to connect you with a shared lawyer, yes, when you are amicable you can do this, and also include a case manager to help take care of the emotions that challenge you daily.  

Our qualified divorce coach and mentors can also work along side your own lawyer of choice and support you even further with the coping strategies needed and hold your hand through the next steps.


Divorce is one of life’s most challenging experiences to go through and can leave you feeling alone and unsure of what is next.  Your confidence can be at an all time low and you can feel like no one gets you.  

We get it, we’ve been through it and know that it can take some people up to five years to get back into life.  Work with Australia’s leading divorce coach who has been labeled a ‘guru’ and expert by many.

We are here to bridge the gap between you and your lawyer

How we can help you and your family

We believe in doing separation and divorce differently, and with kindness, by working together through mediation and family dispute resolution, as team and working holistically with financial advisors, property experts and having your own personal case manager to take you step by step through the separation and divorce process.  

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